How to Use EpicBeat to Curate Content

This guide will help you on how to use EpicBeat for Content Curation and have an overview of the other features of EpicBeat to help you with content creation.

Go to EpicBeat

Go to the EpicBeat homepage,

Login to your EpicBeat Account

Click the login button on the right top portion of the page and click Login.


Select the login method you’d like to use. I prefer to use my registered email to login.

Enter your access credentials

If you used Email as the login method, enter the email address and password assosciated with your EpicBeat account. Click Login.

Begin your content research

Enter the keyword or keyword topic on the search bar and click the big red arrow to begin the search.


In this example, I have used “gardening tips” as my keyword.

Results Page

After you click the red arrow button, EpicBeat will show your the content list. Default published date is the past 1 month.


To change the the date range, click the small arrow on the right of “Past 1 month”

Select your Content Date Range

You will have an option to select how far you’d like to content results will take you, as far as the Past 1 year.


In this example, I selected 1 year.

Number of Results and other Data

You will see on the top most of the results the summary of the content data.


In the example, we can see that for the selected time rage (1 year) we have 2,200 results for the keyword “gardening tips”.


Other data show us that with the 2,200 results, it has 230.1 average shares per post, 0.7 average comments per post, and 1.9 average applause per post.

Checking the Content Results

To check the content on the list, you just click on the content title and it’ll open up the page for that article.

Content Page

Here, you can check the article if this article will be helpful for your content research.

Sharing the Content Result

If you found an article and you think this is worth sharing to your social media, save the article to Buffer or Pocket or just copy the link and share it elsewhere.


Click the Share Content button.

Sharing Content

You can now select where you will share the content by clicking on  it.

Add article to your website

To add the article to you website, click the flag button to add the article to your curation list.

Publishing the curated content

After you added the article to your curation list, click Publish to publish to your blog.

Select where you want to Publish

From the list of blogs that are connected to your EpicBeat account, select the blog you’d like the article to be published.

Exporting the Content Result

If you want to Export the article, click the Export button.


Exporting is different from Publishing in a way that Publishing is more automatic that Export. When you click Publish, EpicBeat would auto connect with your blog and add the article. While for Export, you would to copy and paste the code to your WordPress posts.

Copy the Export Code

After you clicked Export, a popup will appear to give you the code to use to paste on your WordPress post.


Copy this and click OK.

Content Insights

To know more about Content Insights, click the Content Insights tab above the results.

Content Insights Overview

In the Content Insights Overview, you will see the top engagement by top social channels.


You will also see that average engagement data for all the content results.

Top Formats and Content Types

Here you will see the top popular formats where engagements are made and the number of content item formats.

Top Formats and Content Types

You can also see the most popular content types by average engagement per content and how many are in these content format.

Top Domains

We can see here the top domain and the number of engagement these domain have for our particular keyword.

Text Analysis

We can see here the text analysis: Word counts, Popular sentiments, and Popular reading levels – on how they are peforming on engagement and how many these articles are.

Text Analysis

Average engagement per article and how they perform in different social media – Facebook, Google , LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Top Authors

If in the future, you like to know who to reach out when making your content on a similar topic, it would helpful to know who are the top authors for tht keyword.


The list pf top authors are based on the number of engagement of the articles they’ve written.

Popular Days to Publish

If you are wondering what days to publish and what content format perform better in what days, here are data that will help you plan you content.


Twitter Insights on what type of tweets are more widely used, you can also check if which Twitter content detail is more used (with or without links, with rich-media or without rich-media).


You will also have an insight on how big the network Twitter users are using Twitter for that keyword.


You can also see the users are retweeters, original posters, responders, promoters, and curators.


Add to that, you can also see you are you potential reciprocal followers. Users that follow you back when you follow them.

Multi-channel Influencers

You will have visibility who are the most active influencers that talks about your keyword.


You can use this information to connect with them and engage.

Marriage Between Traditional Arts and Digital Arts

Specifically interesting that becoming a graphic designer you’re able to offer a visual aspect for one’s creativity. To be an excellent designer, designers must have very good knowledge of visual arts, text font, and types, shades, items, the concept of the design, and so on. While finally, the technology is progressing very well for all, how come graphic designers is still away from its rewards?

Tradtional and Digital Arts

Graphic art is a really an area in which the designer gets the freedom to express words while not uttering even a single one. It provides a way of visual connection which will not merely depend on the aesthetics, but is also around the rendering style and what object is usually hidden behind the designing of the artwork. In truth, it has provided the various approaches for visual rendering of concepts.

Everything is evolving together with the changing modern advances and gradually over time the use of the brush as well as, colors are being supplanted by computer designing applications although the traditional artwork has their essence. There are numerous advantages continues to be incorporated with the combination of advanced programs and technologies. It has presented an excellent channel to form up the insights and knowledge. It is now in charge of handling the visual data received in the real-world or the digital environment. Alternatively, it may generate all those objects and design which usually can not be produced in the real world. It doesn’t put the restrictions on the creativeness of the designer, and so they can easily draw almost anything.

Technology powered graphic designing programs have helped bring diverse rewards to us, and several of the added benefits that make the information worthwhile are discussed here:


You can certainly determine the difference in every single design and style of which you’re creating with the aid of programs. As opposed to the conventional art here the tiniest point will be very distinct as conventional art sets the restrictions regarding detail is concerned. The objects, proportions, marks, grids, and so forth may be placed with accuracy on the documents.


If the two files, the first is created by the hand, and another is created by using graphic designing software program will be analyzed the difference is usually obviously noticeable. The second file is far clearer and more impressive and scored far better to express the thoughts designer intends to put forward. The better systems are transforming, designers are developing greater results.


The outcome of the design depends on the delivery of creativeness. However, creativeness is similar to the air which imbibes the life into it. It positively depends on what creative abilities of the designers that just how unique they can think and in which approach they organize and fulfill them over the white space. Designing applications provide an exceptional array of options which in turn increase brilliance in the creativeness of the artist.

Power to alter the insights into things

To generate a unique and top notch design is the important factor that you don’t have only thinking capability, but you must be capable of creating the looks and form. It could be possible that you may be thinking over and above the current reality but what is the point if you are not able to characterize it. The truth is a real and passionate artist can easily draw better what can be imagined and computer software to help them to deliver their whole idea live. Technology applications are assisting to actuate or replace the thoughts with things.


The designing software provides the versatility to produce, save and edit any image or media. Furthermore, you can develop multiple reproductions from the one document by simply changing its specifications, color choice, feel, etc. You can produce some designs using a broad variety of applications and to accomplish that, pick the section or object in the picture give it your desired feel. Furthermore, they can be extremely effective when you need to produce identical kind of objects in a variety of styles and specifications.

In the coming year, technology will certainly continue to enable the talents of the designers. It is going to assist in planning and projecting concepts in the moving or still textual and visual content material. These are the platform for these people with enormous opportunities to express their knowledge and connect their concepts with the aid of text and images. The technology has refined and diversified the work of graphic designers, and today they can generate digital visual media, save their original work and print it also. Advertisements in the papers or publications, website pages are the obvious samples of their work.

Graphic designers make use of the designing tools as a channel to show the things they think and experience with the aid of text, objects, and images along with the purpose to engage the audience in some sort of actions. These tools are not only intended for commercial intent. Alternatively, these are the helpful hands for the artwork of the designers that really help them to express their emotions, symbolize their feeling, and reveals the thought process of these people.