ContentStudio Automation Walkthrough

Content Studio is an all-in-one application that will assist you in managing your social media and blog content. It also have an automation feature that can make your social media adventure so much easier to manage.

Here’s my ContentStudio Automation Walkthrough for those who want to know what ContentStudio offers.

Automation Walkthrough

Click Automation

You will brought to the Automation Recipes. Here you can automate processes like:

  •  Article links to Social Media – curate articles for your social media accounts
  •  Videos to Social Media – curate videos for your social media accounts
  •  Articles to Blog –  curate articles for your blogs
  •  Videos to Blog – curate videos for your blogs
  •  Bulk Uploader – bulk uploader for your social media posts

Creating a New Campaign

In this walkthrough we will be creating a new campaign to curate article links to your social media accounts.

 Click the New Campaign link.

Step 1: Set a Campaign Name

Set a campaign name that is easily recognizable so you can refer to it easier for later use.

 Step 2: Select your Social Media Profile

You will select for which Social Media Profile(s) you’d like this automation campaign be sent to.

Social media profiles should be connected in advance before you set up this automation process.

 Step 3: Use your Keywords

To create relevant automated posts, choose keyword(s) that are closely related to your topic. Once you entered the keyword, you will see keywords suggestions on the right. You may use these suggestion to help you with your relevant content.

Choose Language

You can choose in which language the article will be generated.

 Choose Post Age

Post age is how recent the article is from when it was first published.

Social Engagement

You can further refine your curated content by the number of social engagement it has. Example, if you want your curated articles to have no less than 50 Facebook Share, you will indicate Facebook>50.

Step 4: Scheduling

You can set it to schedule in 3 ways: Recurring, Custom, and Queue.

For Recurring the minimun time is every 3 hours and can be changed.


You can likewise change the duration if by hours, days, or weeks.



You can set the schedule type to:

Run the campaign continuously (until you delete the campaign) or set a start and end date.

Step 5: Review the content

Option to reveiw the curated articles before posting it to your social media can be set here.

View Existing Campaigns

This is the mini dashboard of all your live campaigns. You can edit, delete, and access the planner via this dashboard.

Showing the Automated Campaign

On the Planner section, below the list of the attached social media accounts, there is a section for the Automation campaigns.

Select the automation campaign you’d like to see.

That’s It

There you have it!

You curated posts are ready to be posted on schedule.

You will see on this calendar the pending curated articles that are going to be posted. You can delete any articles not yet posted (so they won’t be). In case you want to delete an already posted article, you need to access the account and manually remove the post.

In you have any question on how to do this, let me help!

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