Peek Inside PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic makes it easier for small business, influencers, and freelancers to keep their social media profiles updated with entertaining and helpful content.

PromoRepublic Walk-Through

Let me show you what is inside PromoRepublic and let you see the potential of what this app can offer your business.

I have been using PromoRepublic for my own use and my clients. It saves a lot of time and makes brainstorming a lot easier with their post ideas.

You can use PromoRepublic for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

Let’s dive right in.

Post Ideas Dashboard

Immediately after you sign-in, you will see the Post Idea(s) for the day.  You will also see post ideas for the month, including posts ideas for holidays for the season or for the month.

Recommended For You

Here you can see multiple recommended topics you can use for your business. These topics are:

  1. Retail
  2. Food and Restaurant
  3. Health and Beauty
  4. Education/Personal Development
  5. Travel
  6. Automotive
  7. Business
  8. Technology
  9. Real Estate
  10. Leisure
  11. Pet Products
  12. Sport and Fitness
  13. Home and Interior
  14. Art
  15. Media
  16. Medical
  17. Religion
  18. Products for Children

Articles for Curation

Here are articles that you can use to post on your social media profiles. These are curated by PromoRepublic staff to take care of your curation needs. The following topics are covered:

  1. Business
  2. Food
  3. Health
  4. Travel
  5. Sports
  6. Home

LinkedIn Ideas

Here are LinkedIn image ideas that your can use for LinkedIn.


Quotes are significant content fillers. Engaging and interesting quotes are often shared in social media and having these can increase social media engagement and increase brand visibility.

Twitter Ideas

Here are Twitter post ideas that are created optimally for Twitter. Short and sweet messages that are just right for Twitter users.

Instagram Ideas

There are suggested hashtags that you can use as well as images that corresponds with the hastags. Size of images are made specially for Instagram posts.

More Ideas

There are a lot of post ideas that can be explored inside PromoRepublic. These are:

  1. Did You Know?
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Contests
  4. Motivation
  5. Fun
  6. Facebook Covers
  7. Styles
  8. Polls
  9. Charity
  10. Promotions
  11. Tips
  12. Greetings
  13. Mini contests

Did You Know?

You can get idea on how to style you own Did You Know posts or you can use the templates for your own posts. You can put branding on it, as well.

Motivation Ideas

Short and onpoint messages that are easily digestable and understood.

Fun Ideas

Funny posts and fun posts that attracts engagement are good to have on your social media posts.

Facebook Covers

Change you Facebook Covers regularly. Everytime you post a change you followers will be updated on the changes. The more attractive the cover, the better the engagement.


This portion is a mixture of different styles you can incorporate on your post. Take a template and customize this for you use.


Polls are engagement trigger kind of posts. The more exciting your polls are, the more engagement you can potentially get from your visitors and followers.


From time to time, small business owners and individuals take time off and spend this time to help our less fortunate neighboors. These Charity post ideas can serve as your guide or template to ask for help from your followers and visitors to join you cause.

Promotion Ideas

One of the reasons why we put up our Facebook Pages and other social media profiles is to promote our products and services. A more engaging method to do this is via visual representation. This portion of PromoRepublic can give you ideas to use on your next promotion.


Who wouldn’t like to get some tips to improve their day to day lives? Everyone loves a good lifehack. Here are some ready-to-use template you can utilize for your tip posts.


As we want to develop a more personalized approach, we can greet our followers periodically via greeting posts.


Everybody wants to win something. Even the most non-competitive person will be happy to win at something, especially if they are having fun while trying to win. These idea templates for mini-contests are way to go to entertaining them.



Templates Editor

Here is where you can edit the template and customize it with your own brand. You can also change the texts and images using the editor.

Editing these templates are so intuitive, but you can always asks PromoRepublic‘s support for any questions you may have.

Changing Template Size

You can change the template size by selecting from the dropdown menu.

Download the template

Once you are happy with the template. you have an option to download the image by clicking the download button.

Use Template to Post

If you want to post the image now or schedule the post, just click the Use button to bring you to the posting section.


After you click “Use”, it would bring your to the publishing section where you can add text to the image, add hashtags, select the social media account where the post will be published.

You can also select if you want the post to be published right away (now), schedule it, or add to queue.


After you select your Publshing option, you can go to the calendar to see your pending posts and other suggested posts for the week.

That’s it.

This user walkthough on PromoRepublic hopefully opens your mind to the potential of PromoRepublic, and this is just scratching the surface.

If you have any questions on how to use PromoRepublic for your social media needs, let me know and I’ll try to answer this as much as I can.

See you on my next post!

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