Samsung’s Latest TV: The Frame

The race for the most innovative and life-changing TV is still strong. At Samsung, aside from function and new innovations, the recently released a lifestyle TV that brings life to otherwise boring TV look. Introducing, The Frame.

Samsung TV The Frame

When not in ordinary TV use (now that televisions are not only for normal TV viewing, they can extraordinary), Samsung’s The Frame TV  can be set to “Art Mode” so that it’ll look like a picture frame hanging on a wall. Yes, instead of fading to black like a normal TV, Samsung’s The Frame TV display transforms into a work of art.

Samsung’s The Frame TV Art Pieces

Samsung’s The Frame TV lets users select custom-designed digital art pieces. It has 10 different categories – including landscape, architecture, wildlife, action, drawing and more – to choose from. More than 100 art pieces are available.  It got several options for art layouts and colors. Also, there are additional accessory options, like Studio Stand (optional) and interchangeable bezels.

What’s more interesting is that Samsung’s The Frame TV can be hung without unsightly wires or cables. Thanks to Samsung’s new Invisible and No Gap Wall-mount. With this, you can hang the TV virtually anywhere and it’ll look good.

According to Samsung, The Frame is going to be available Spring of 2017.

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