Curse or Blessing : Mobile Gadgets

Trendy and stylish cell phones have become a part of fashion nowadays. It has now become a multi-utility device, and not just remain a communication device.

Curse or Blessing : Mobile Gadgets

This electronic device has multiple uses and functions. It has become an important part and parcel of our life. Without cell phones, we usually feel incomplete.

Cellphone Pros:

  • This wireless device makes you inform the parents when you get late, informs your boss that you will be late as you stuck in the traffic jam, and so on.
  • Mobiles with cameras are used to take photos and making videos. You can also freeze your memorable moments.
  • Your voice can also be recorded in your mobiles.
  • It can be used for capturing and storing important information.
  • It can function as a radio. You can listen to music while driving and traveling.
  • Mobiles can replace watches to check the time and alarm clocks that wake you up.
  • You can download your favorite songs, wallpapers, ring tones, and movies in your mobiles.
  • If you lost the way, you can use your mobile and call for help.
  • It is a portable device, and you can carry it with you where you will go, so you attend all your important calls.
  • Mobiles also have calendars to check days and dates.
  • Use mobile phones in place of paper and pen. This saves paper, which in turn saves trees.
  • It is a great source of entertainment also. You can play games, listen to music, talk to your friends, send messages, and so on when you get bored.
  • It can be used as a torch when the light goes.
  • Mobiles having Internet facility reduces the workload of the business and office work as it makes you work anywhere and anytime.
  • Mobile phones having the facility of calculator help to do mental calculations.
  • Mobile phones are the most convenient and fastest means of communication. You can call anyone from anywhere and anytime.
  • Business deals can be done on a single call.

Cellphone Cons:

  • Excessive heating up of its battery results in cell phones blast. Though it occurs quite rare, but very fatal if it happens.
  • Mobile phones users also experience blackout, drowsiness, poor concentration and increased fatigability.
  • Don’t use mobile while driving, as it increases the risk of getting into car accidents. If it is urgent, stop your car and then attend your call.
  • Keep your mobiles away from your body.
  • Use of mobile phones by criminals to carry out their criminal activities increases the crime rate.
  • Use of cell phones is quite disturbing in silent and calm places like libraries, museums, movie halls, hospitals, etc.
  • Cameras mobiles can be misused to take illegal pictures and then displayed on the Internet. It can also be used for blackmailing, which in turn, can also ruin the personal life of that person.
  • Improper use of mobile phones sometimes creates a disturbance.
  • Keep your phones on switch off mode while studying as it distracts your attention.
  • Use of cell phones during examinations as a means of cheating by the students creates problems for them and it does spoil their future.
  • The emission of radiations from mobiles may prove detrimental to your health as it may cause a headache, earache and blurring vision. These harmful radiations destroy the cells located in the head and ear region that causes damages to the brain and nephrons in the head region.
  • This electronic gadget will prove a great helping hand in times of emergency.
  • Buy phones of modern digital standards (GSM-1800 and 3-G) as it produces less impact on a person.
  • Don’t keep your mobile in the front pocket when it is on vibrant mode. It may cause severe damage to the heart.
  • Ring tones should not be loud as it causes damage to your eardrums.
  • German researchers found that conversation that lasted for more than 30 minutes lead to the increase of blood pressure of 5-10 mm on mercury column.
  • Use a hands- free set to reduce the amount of radiation. It reduces the electronic field effect to 92%.
  • Avoid using mobile phone whenever possible.
  • Try to switch off your mobiles when you are in public places, religious places, attending a conferences or meetings.
  • Prolonged use of mobiles can cause hearing defects in the individual.
  • Your conversation over mobile phones should be concise and to the point. Longer the conversation is, the more its impact on a human’s health.

Creation of mobile phones is a great achievement of man. Man creates this electronic device for making our life more convenient and comfortable. It makes our lives easier. But unfortunately, many people are using it for wrong purposes. It proves a boon for us if it is used with great care and efficiency.