ContentStudio Automation Walkthrough

Content Studio is an all-in-one application that will assist you in managing your social media and blog content. It also have an automation feature that can make your social media adventure so much easier to manage.

Here’s my ContentStudio Automation Walkthrough for those who want to know what ContentStudio offers.

Automation Walkthrough

Click Automation

You will brought to the Automation Recipes. Here you can automate processes like:

  •  Article links to Social Media – curate articles for your social media accounts
  •  Videos to Social Media – curate videos for your social media accounts
  •  Articles to Blog –  curate articles for your blogs
  •  Videos to Blog – curate videos for your blogs
  •  Bulk Uploader – bulk uploader for your social media posts

Creating a New Campaign

In this walkthrough we will be creating a new campaign to curate article links to your social media accounts.

 Click the New Campaign link.

Step 1: Set a Campaign Name

Set a campaign name that is easily recognizable so you can refer to it easier for later use.

 Step 2: Select your Social Media Profile

You will select for which Social Media Profile(s) you’d like this automation campaign be sent to.

Social media profiles should be connected in advance before you set up this automation process.

 Step 3: Use your Keywords

To create relevant automated posts, choose keyword(s) that are closely related to your topic. Once you entered the keyword, you will see keywords suggestions on the right. You may use these suggestion to help you with your relevant content.

Choose Language

You can choose in which language the article will be generated.

 Choose Post Age

Post age is how recent the article is from when it was first published.

Social Engagement

You can further refine your curated content by the number of social engagement it has. Example, if you want your curated articles to have no less than 50 Facebook Share, you will indicate Facebook>50.

Step 4: Scheduling

You can set it to schedule in 3 ways: Recurring, Custom, and Queue.

For Recurring the minimun time is every 3 hours and can be changed.


You can likewise change the duration if by hours, days, or weeks.



You can set the schedule type to:

Run the campaign continuously (until you delete the campaign) or set a start and end date.

Step 5: Review the content

Option to reveiw the curated articles before posting it to your social media can be set here.

View Existing Campaigns

This is the mini dashboard of all your live campaigns. You can edit, delete, and access the planner via this dashboard.

Showing the Automated Campaign

On the Planner section, below the list of the attached social media accounts, there is a section for the Automation campaigns.

Select the automation campaign you’d like to see.

That’s It

There you have it!

You curated posts are ready to be posted on schedule.

You will see on this calendar the pending curated articles that are going to be posted. You can delete any articles not yet posted (so they won’t be). In case you want to delete an already posted article, you need to access the account and manually remove the post.

In you have any question on how to do this, let me help!

We provide social media management for busy small business people and solopreneurs. Just get in touch.

(We also provide white label service to other social media managers!)


Peek Inside PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic makes it easier for small business, influencers, and freelancers to keep their social media profiles updated with entertaining and helpful content.

PromoRepublic Walk-Through

Let me show you what is inside PromoRepublic and let you see the potential of what this app can offer your business.

I have been using PromoRepublic for my own use and my clients. It saves a lot of time and makes brainstorming a lot easier with their post ideas.

You can use PromoRepublic for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

Let’s dive right in.

Post Ideas Dashboard

Immediately after you sign-in, you will see the Post Idea(s) for the day.  You will also see post ideas for the month, including posts ideas for holidays for the season or for the month.

Recommended For You

Here you can see multiple recommended topics you can use for your business. These topics are:

  1. Retail
  2. Food and Restaurant
  3. Health and Beauty
  4. Education/Personal Development
  5. Travel
  6. Automotive
  7. Business
  8. Technology
  9. Real Estate
  10. Leisure
  11. Pet Products
  12. Sport and Fitness
  13. Home and Interior
  14. Art
  15. Media
  16. Medical
  17. Religion
  18. Products for Children

Articles for Curation

Here are articles that you can use to post on your social media profiles. These are curated by PromoRepublic staff to take care of your curation needs. The following topics are covered:

  1. Business
  2. Food
  3. Health
  4. Travel
  5. Sports
  6. Home

LinkedIn Ideas

Here are LinkedIn image ideas that your can use for LinkedIn.


Quotes are significant content fillers. Engaging and interesting quotes are often shared in social media and having these can increase social media engagement and increase brand visibility.

Twitter Ideas

Here are Twitter post ideas that are created optimally for Twitter. Short and sweet messages that are just right for Twitter users.

Instagram Ideas

There are suggested hashtags that you can use as well as images that corresponds with the hastags. Size of images are made specially for Instagram posts.

More Ideas

There are a lot of post ideas that can be explored inside PromoRepublic. These are:

  1. Did You Know?
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Contests
  4. Motivation
  5. Fun
  6. Facebook Covers
  7. Styles
  8. Polls
  9. Charity
  10. Promotions
  11. Tips
  12. Greetings
  13. Mini contests

Did You Know?

You can get idea on how to style you own Did You Know posts or you can use the templates for your own posts. You can put branding on it, as well.

Motivation Ideas

Short and onpoint messages that are easily digestable and understood.

Fun Ideas

Funny posts and fun posts that attracts engagement are good to have on your social media posts.

Facebook Covers

Change you Facebook Covers regularly. Everytime you post a change you followers will be updated on the changes. The more attractive the cover, the better the engagement.


This portion is a mixture of different styles you can incorporate on your post. Take a template and customize this for you use.


Polls are engagement trigger kind of posts. The more exciting your polls are, the more engagement you can potentially get from your visitors and followers.


From time to time, small business owners and individuals take time off and spend this time to help our less fortunate neighboors. These Charity post ideas can serve as your guide or template to ask for help from your followers and visitors to join you cause.

Promotion Ideas

One of the reasons why we put up our Facebook Pages and other social media profiles is to promote our products and services. A more engaging method to do this is via visual representation. This portion of PromoRepublic can give you ideas to use on your next promotion.


Who wouldn’t like to get some tips to improve their day to day lives? Everyone loves a good lifehack. Here are some ready-to-use template you can utilize for your tip posts.


As we want to develop a more personalized approach, we can greet our followers periodically via greeting posts.


Everybody wants to win something. Even the most non-competitive person will be happy to win at something, especially if they are having fun while trying to win. These idea templates for mini-contests are way to go to entertaining them.



Templates Editor

Here is where you can edit the template and customize it with your own brand. You can also change the texts and images using the editor.

Editing these templates are so intuitive, but you can always asks PromoRepublic‘s support for any questions you may have.

Changing Template Size

You can change the template size by selecting from the dropdown menu.

Download the template

Once you are happy with the template. you have an option to download the image by clicking the download button.

Use Template to Post

If you want to post the image now or schedule the post, just click the Use button to bring you to the posting section.


After you click “Use”, it would bring your to the publishing section where you can add text to the image, add hashtags, select the social media account where the post will be published.

You can also select if you want the post to be published right away (now), schedule it, or add to queue.


After you select your Publshing option, you can go to the calendar to see your pending posts and other suggested posts for the week.

That’s it.

This user walkthough on PromoRepublic hopefully opens your mind to the potential of PromoRepublic, and this is just scratching the surface.

If you have any questions on how to use PromoRepublic for your social media needs, let me know and I’ll try to answer this as much as I can.

See you on my next post!

How to Use EpicBeat to Curate Content

This guide will help you on how to use EpicBeat for Content Curation and have an overview of the other features of EpicBeat to help you with content creation.

Go to EpicBeat

Go to the EpicBeat homepage,

Login to your EpicBeat Account

Click the login button on the right top portion of the page and click Login.


Select the login method you’d like to use. I prefer to use my registered email to login.

Enter your access credentials

If you used Email as the login method, enter the email address and password assosciated with your EpicBeat account. Click Login.

Begin your content research

Enter the keyword or keyword topic on the search bar and click the big red arrow to begin the search.


In this example, I have used “gardening tips” as my keyword.

Results Page

After you click the red arrow button, EpicBeat will show your the content list. Default published date is the past 1 month.


To change the the date range, click the small arrow on the right of “Past 1 month”

Select your Content Date Range

You will have an option to select how far you’d like to content results will take you, as far as the Past 1 year.


In this example, I selected 1 year.

Number of Results and other Data

You will see on the top most of the results the summary of the content data.


In the example, we can see that for the selected time rage (1 year) we have 2,200 results for the keyword “gardening tips”.


Other data show us that with the 2,200 results, it has 230.1 average shares per post, 0.7 average comments per post, and 1.9 average applause per post.

Checking the Content Results

To check the content on the list, you just click on the content title and it’ll open up the page for that article.

Content Page

Here, you can check the article if this article will be helpful for your content research.

Sharing the Content Result

If you found an article and you think this is worth sharing to your social media, save the article to Buffer or Pocket or just copy the link and share it elsewhere.


Click the Share Content button.

Sharing Content

You can now select where you will share the content by clicking on  it.

Add article to your website

To add the article to you website, click the flag button to add the article to your curation list.

Publishing the curated content

After you added the article to your curation list, click Publish to publish to your blog.

Select where you want to Publish

From the list of blogs that are connected to your EpicBeat account, select the blog you’d like the article to be published.

Exporting the Content Result

If you want to Export the article, click the Export button.


Exporting is different from Publishing in a way that Publishing is more automatic that Export. When you click Publish, EpicBeat would auto connect with your blog and add the article. While for Export, you would to copy and paste the code to your WordPress posts.

Copy the Export Code

After you clicked Export, a popup will appear to give you the code to use to paste on your WordPress post.


Copy this and click OK.

Content Insights

To know more about Content Insights, click the Content Insights tab above the results.

Content Insights Overview

In the Content Insights Overview, you will see the top engagement by top social channels.


You will also see that average engagement data for all the content results.

Top Formats and Content Types

Here you will see the top popular formats where engagements are made and the number of content item formats.

Top Formats and Content Types

You can also see the most popular content types by average engagement per content and how many are in these content format.

Top Domains

We can see here the top domain and the number of engagement these domain have for our particular keyword.

Text Analysis

We can see here the text analysis: Word counts, Popular sentiments, and Popular reading levels – on how they are peforming on engagement and how many these articles are.

Text Analysis

Average engagement per article and how they perform in different social media – Facebook, Google , LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Top Authors

If in the future, you like to know who to reach out when making your content on a similar topic, it would helpful to know who are the top authors for tht keyword.


The list pf top authors are based on the number of engagement of the articles they’ve written.

Popular Days to Publish

If you are wondering what days to publish and what content format perform better in what days, here are data that will help you plan you content.


Twitter Insights on what type of tweets are more widely used, you can also check if which Twitter content detail is more used (with or without links, with rich-media or without rich-media).


You will also have an insight on how big the network Twitter users are using Twitter for that keyword.


You can also see the users are retweeters, original posters, responders, promoters, and curators.


Add to that, you can also see you are you potential reciprocal followers. Users that follow you back when you follow them.

Multi-channel Influencers

You will have visibility who are the most active influencers that talks about your keyword.


You can use this information to connect with them and engage.

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

Pinterest is getting more popular today. Are you taking advantage?

Many are not yet aware of the potential boost can do for their projects and business.

The time to get into Pinterest is yesterday, and there is no better time to start than now.

how to optimize your pinterest profile

So, how about getting a headstart with Pinterest ahead of your competitors?

Most people don’t bother with Pinterest and most don’t know how to optimize it.

Good news for you, we got you covered on that one.

To make Pinterest work for you and your business, you need to optimize your Pinterest profile with the most relevant keywords for your business.

How to do that?

Pinterest Search box


For starters, utlize the search box. Type the most relevant “seed” keyword for your brand or product. When you do that, Pinterest will autolist (just like with Google Search) it with an assortment of long-tail keywords related to that keyword.

To get targetted visitors for your pins and boards, it is best to use long-tail keywords.

The more targetted the visitor, the better.

Now, you ask..

Where are you going to use these long-tail keywords on your Pinterest account?


You can add keywords on your Pinterest name so visitors can identify instantly on what you do.

Also, adding keywords (seed keywords or long tail keywords) in your Bio area will optimize your account for that topic.


Pinterest Boards

Naming your Pinterest boards with your keywords will enable it to have more visibility in Pinterest search.

You want that, right?

Brands are okay, if and only if, these brands are well-known.

Another “secret” optimization strategy is to use your keywords in your Pinterest board descriptions.

A lot are not using this simple ‘trick’.

You can create a little story for your Pinterest board to a maximum of 500 characters. Make this description work for you!


Pinterest Pin description

Take advatange of the 50-character allowance for the pin description.

Make it compelling, use call to action words. Invite your visitor to visit your site or message you directly.

Of course, usng keywords (seed keywords and long-tail keywords) would further boost the relevancy of your pin.


Just with SEO for search engines, naming your pins to something descriptive, relevant, and keyword optimized will help the pin become more visible to searchers.

Instead of the generic image file name 14578.jpg, name it to something like handmade-bag.jpg.

With the above pointers, this would really optimize your Pinterest Profile to be more visible in Pinterest search as well as Search Engines.

To review, we now know how to optimize your Pinterest Account on the following locations:

  • On Your Pinterest Profile And Bio
  • On Your Pinterest Boards
  • On Your Pinterest Pin Descriptions
  • On Your Pinterest Pin Image File Name

Happy pinning!

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Easy Tips To Improve Your Blog

Blogging is getting popular nowadays.

For almost every topic, there is a blog, and the good thing about it is that people are now open to share with other people with their knowledge and experience.

To have a successful blog that is read by many, it will take careful planning and decide on important things.

Research is something you need to do always, and I hope you can make use of this article to help you with your blog.

[bctt tweet=”When you are starting to blog, it is important that you never give up. ” username=”thegeekmommy”]

When you are starting to blog, it is important that you never give up. On your first day as a blogger, you are not going to get a lot of readers, and that is fine.

Little by little readers will find out about your blog, just continue to write ideas and stories you are passionate about.

Easy Tips To Improve Your Blog Post Image

Try making a blogging set-up. You’re not just going to be writing; you must also create goals, strategies, and evaluations.

You must create a place where you may focus on your main goal. Try to pick your particular type of set-up, such as pen and paper to start making a plan for the success of your blog.

In making your blog article, it is important to make this more easy to digest. You can organize the article into different headings and, if needed, subheadings.

Some readers would do a quick scan and would read the article after they get the key concepts. For this, an easy to understand heading and subheading groupings will invite the visitor to read your piece in full and hopefully make them read more from your blog.

Social media is likewise big nowadays. Connecting and sharing via social media is an ideal way for you to widen your reader base.

[bctt tweet=”Connecting and sharing via social media is an ideal way for you to widen your reader base. ” username=”thegeekmommy”]

When you incorporate social media sharing widgets, it would be open up opportunities for your readers, family, and friends to share your articles with others, ensuring more blog visitors.

I suggest that you use a WordPress theme that different from the default configuration. Make your blog stand out by making them unique. Decide what color themes are you going to use and make them part of your posts. Make your blog more appealing visually.

Now that your blog is easy on the eyes, you need to have to know more about the topics you are sharing through your blog articles.

People are always looking for information, and the more people see that you are an expert in your topic, the more they will visit your blog and share this information with others.

It would be wise to perform research from time to time and to read current events on the topic you’ll be focusing. This enables you to create blog topics more easily and has a more engaging interaction when your readers leave a blog comment.

Going back to visual appeal, take advantage of the white space. White space will enable users to ‘rest’ his/her eyes and will make the content easier to understand.

When readers encounter a wall of text, the first instinct is to skip the section or leave the blog, altogether.

As was discussed earlier, bloggers are everywhere. There are lots of reasons to develop a blog. Everybody can have their own interpretation of information, and the more people are out there and making things easier to understand, the better.

It is my hope you can use the pointers above to have a more compelling message and be able to present this better to your blog readers.

New Method to Post to Instagram From Your PC Without Downloading Any Apps – Video

Guess what?

You can upload your images and photos through the Instagram web app.

Well, there’s no official announcement about this yet and you can’t access it directly. Good news is, I have prepared a video to teach you how to do that!

Post to Instagram From Your PC Without Downloading Any Apps

[convertplayer id=”qnYRQWJ8c” width=”700″ height=”394″]

For those who learn better reading, here’s the transcript (or rather the step by step instructions).

Creating your images

We will create a Mother’s Day image post.

  1. Head over to Stencil and login. (If you don’t have it yet, no worries, you can register and use this for free)
  2. From the list of image sizes, select Instagram Post 1080 x 1080.
  3. Since we are creating for Mother’s Day, we will select a background that is relevant for mothers.
  4. You can use the background search function to find background images.
  5. Select the background.
  6. Click the Quotes section (left-side).
  7. Use the quote search function to find suitable quotes.
  8. You can change the font size, font type, font color. You can also drag and drop the text box to place the text where you want them.
  9. When you’re happy with the image, click download and save the image on your computer.
  10. That’s it, you already have your Mother’s Day image for Instagram.

Posting to Instagram using Instagram Web App

We will be using Chrome for this example. (This Instagram trick is also verified to be working using Firefox).

  1. Login to
  2. When logged in, right-click on any empty space. Click “Inspect”.
  3. The Chrome Inspector will pop on the right-side. This contains HTML codes.
  4. On the upper left corner of the box, you will see a mobile/tablet icon. Click that.
  5. You will then notice that the view on the left will be adjusted to the mobile view.
  6. On the top portion (bottom portion on Firefox), you will see a camera icon. Click the Camera icon.
  7. This will behave exactly like the app on your phone.
  8. You select the image you want to upload.
  9. You may adjust and set filters, if you prefer.
  10. Add caption and hashtags, as appropriate.
  11. Click Share.
  12. That’s it, you successfully posted an Instagram Post via your PC without downloading any apps!

Happy Instagram posting!

Creating an Instagram Post using Stencil – Video

Among my social media profiles, Instagram is my favorite.

Why? Well, I like looking at beautiful photos and read through thought-provoking, motivational and inspirational quotes.

You can tell that I enjoy visuals.

Though I’m trying to get my Photoshop skills to the next level, I don’t have the time to learn this awesome software. I already penciled this knowledge upgrade and I’ll get into it as soon as my schedule permit.

This brings me to search for tools that can help me with Instagram.

I need a tool that has virtually no learning curve, able to produce top notch graphics that would look like a pro did it, and something that will assist me in my Instagram journey.

I have tested a lot, I especially like Canva and Stencil. Both have Free Accounts that will enable you to create graphics. What made me choose Stencil over Canva? Read on.

Reasons why I love Stencil

  • Dashboard is simple and intuitive. Just looking at it, I can already see what the options are for.
  • The graphics are royalty-free. No need to shell out dollars to use one.
  • Easy image creation via Chrome Extension or Firefox Add-on. (I’ll create a video post to show this handy feature).
  • Integrates with Buffer to schedule my social media posts.
  • In-app capability to share my images to social media. Tested working for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (via SMS).
  • Ability to share my image via link. If you want somebody to check your image (a friend or boss), this is perfect.

With that, I have created a quick video.

Creating an Instagram Post using Stencil

[convertplayer id=”luLonhAAg” width=”700″ height=”394″]

Hope you learn something from the video. 🙂

Have fun with your images!


Easy Steps on How to Start a Blog for Beginners

Been thinking of starting a blog?

Since you’re reading this, you must be.  No worries, we will be holding each other’s hand through this guide. 🙂

In this 6-step Tutorial on How to Start A Blog in Less Than 1 Hour, you’ll be ready to conquer your way through the blogosphere in no time!

Let’s start to blog!

(This post may contain affiliate links)

Put your blog ideas in action

If you have been thinking of starting a blog, you may already have some blog topics that you would like to share with your future readers.

Or you are casually thinking about blogging and you don’t have any ideas yet.  In any case, here are some pointers to get you started with your blog ideas:

  • Make a list of blogs or websites that talks about the topics you like
  • Use Google Instant to have a list of topics that other searchers are looking for

blog ideas google instant

  • Use Answer The Public, a free website tool that will show you the common questions about your topic

blog ideas - answer the public

  • Use Epicbeat, this is my favorite. It will show you relevant published articles about your topic and you can see which format works best, so you can also plan what type of blog posts you will create. My favorite feature is you can see who are the influencers and bloggers you can connect with. Fast way of gaining online friends and resources, if you ask me.

blog ideas - epicbeat

Name your blog

Now that you already have blog and blog post ideas, it’s now time to think of a name for your blog.

Your blog name will be used as your domain name. Domain name is your online address where your readers can access your blog (e.g. is the domain name of this blog).

How to choose a domain name? Glad you asked –

  • Short and easy to remember
  • Easy to spell (you don’t want your readers going to another blog because of misspellings)
  • What do you want to be known for? (this will be your branding)

Make a list of possible domain names and ready them aloud. Pick the top 3 best sounding domain names from your list. You can check the domain availability here.

Hosting your blog

A lot of new bloggers are confused with web hosting and why this is needed. Yes, there are a lot of free blogging platforms out there and they provide a good platform. is one of the best free blogging platforms around and it is the most popular.

But do you really want to have your blog on a free blogging platform? Let me tell you some important reasons why (even as a beginner) you should use free blogging platform and go for self-hosted blogs.

  • You don’t ‘own’ your space and your blog can be terminated at any time without notice
    • Imagine having created a great blog and you have loyal followers, and suddenly you can’t log in – yup, it can happen. Here’s’s TOS – “Automattic may terminate your access to all or any part of our Services at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately.”
  • Your blog design and theme is limited only to what is available in their repository. You can’t use custom theme and you can’t upload plug-ins to extend your blog capabilities. You’d like to have your blog ready to scale up and not hold you down.
  • You have to pay extra for custom email. Free email address are good and I still use them. But if you want to make a brand for yourself, it is more professional looking if you have a custom email with your domain name.
  • They can display their (not yours) ads. ” Automattic reserves the right to display advertisements on your blog unless you have purchased an Ad-free Upgrade or a VIP Service account.” If this was self-hosted all advertisement income will be yours.
  • Your blog domain name is going to be longer than you wanted. (remember the pointers above?)

Are you convinced that using a self-hosted blog is the way to go?

There are a lot of web hosting providers to chose from. In this blog, we used Hostwinds as our web hosting provider.

We used Hostwinds, for a number of reasons:

  • Their customer support is top-notch and friendly. For whatever reasons, you can get in touch with them 24/7.
  • While others give 30-day money back guarantee, Hostwinds offers 60-days.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth. You can have as many web visitors as you want.
  • Unlimited Disk Space. You can blog to your heart’s content.
  • Free Dedicated IP Address. This is needed if you want to make your website secure against hackers.

Here are the steps to set-up your self-hosted blog:

  • Go to (this link will go directly to their shared hosting page). hostwinds-shared
  •  For beginners, I suggest you chose the Basic Plan. Click the green, Get Hosted button.


  • Enter the domain name you picked above, and click submit.

register or transfer domain name

  • Continue with Step 2 (Click the green continue button)
  • Fill out your login details and billing information

login and billing info

  • After payment, you will receive an email containing details of your account. Keep this email, this will have your passwords.

Your blog platform: Self-hosted WordPress

Once you receive your email from Hostwinds, use the link to login to your cPanel using the username and password provided.

On the bottom portion of your cPanel dashboard, click WordPress.

wordpress - hostwinds


Click Install Now.

wp install hw

Begin your WordPress setup. Choose your domain (if you only have 1 domain, it’ll be chosen automatically). For the Site Name ans Site Description, refer to the blog topics you made from previous step. You can change this later.

wordpress setup 1

You will be asked to enter the username and password for the admin account for your blog. This is different from the access credentials Hostwinds emailed you earlier. Please keep a copy of your WordPress blog username and password. The admin email is where all information about your blog will be sent to.

wordpress setup 2

You can leave the default for the Advanced Options and leave the Limit Login Attempts unchecked. You don’t have to select anything from the themes provided and just click Install.

wordpress setup 3

After you click Install, it will work its way to install WordPress in your Hostwinds hosting.

Now you can log into your WordPress blog
Log in with your username or email and password

Setting up your WordPress blog

When you login to your new WordPress dashboard, you will see something similar to this –

wordpress fresh install

You can remove the sample Post, Page, and comment.

Post: Click Post > All Posts > Click Trash on the Sample Post

Post: Click Page> All Page> Click Trash on the Sample Page

Comment: Click Comments> All Comments> Click Trash on the Comment


Pages – these are often used present timeless information about yourself or your site — information that is always relevant. You can use Pages to organize and manage the structure of your website content. Examples are About Us, Contact Us pages.

Posts – these are entries that display in reverse order on your blog. Posts usually have comments fields beneath them and are included in your site’s RSS feed. (RSS will be explained as a separate topic).

Media – consists of the images, video, recordings, and files that you upload and use in your blog. When you create a post and attach an image to it, it is stored in this section.

Appearance – here is where you will edit the theme of your blog, customize for granular changes like colors, fonts, widgets (contents on your sidebar), menu (your navigation menu), header, background, and editor. I don’t recommend you ever touching the editor unless you know what you’re doing.

Plugins – this will extend the functionality of your blog. You can add contact form plugins, caching plugins (to make your site load faster), sliding banner plugin (to create banner or image carousel), and many more.

Settings – here is where you can customize your site title, tagline, etc.

wordpress settings

Site title – Enter the name of your blog here.

Tagline – explains what your site is about.

WordPress Address (URL) – you can leave this at default.

Site Address (URL) – Enter the address you want people to type in their browser to reach your WordPress blog.

E-mail Address – Enter the e-mail address to which you want WordPress to send messages regarding the administration and maintenance of your WordPress site (comment approvals, etc.)

Membership  : Anyone can register – leave uncheck, disallowing anyone to be able to register an account on your site.

Writing – you can leave at default for now.

Reading – Front Page Display:  allows you to choose what content appears on your site’s front page.

Reading – Blog pages show at most:  lets you choose how many blog posts are displayed per page. The default setting is 10 posts per page.

Reading – Syndication feeds show the most recent __ items:  lets you set how many blog posts will be sent out at once via your RSS feed

Discussion – you can leave at default for now.

Permalinks – the permanent URLs to your individual pages and blog posts, as well as your category and tag archives. A permalink is the web address used to link to your content. Recommended setting is  – Custom: /%postname%/ so you blog post doesn’t have dates on the URL.



Setting up your First Post

To add your first post, click Post > Add New.

add new post

(the image shown might not be the same to your current installation of WordPress)

Enter the post title, post content, and after you’re done click Publish.

If you want to add images and video, you can click Add Media either upload from your computer or insert from URL and then insert into your post.

To add a link, highlight the words you’d like to attach a link to and click the Link Icon.

link wordpress

You can also format your post – heading, fonts, alignment, indention, lists, etc.

You can also schedule your posts to be published at a later date or backdate the post.

Congratulations! You have just published your new post.